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What our customers have to say about our Internal Pipe Cutter

~ "I just wanted to let you know that the Pipe Cutter worked perfectly for our application (3" Sch 40 carbon steel pipe) and I appreciate your help in getting it ordered and here.  It truly saved me a lot of rework and time that we didn't have." ~Rob S.

~ "Your service is excellent and thanks for the quick shipping." ~Cory. L

~ "The tool is great and the concept is exactly what I was looking for."

~ "One of our production hands called your cutter a "life-saving son of a b*tch." ~McAlester Army Ammunition Plant

~ "It has taken a lot of abuse but just keeps on cutting."~Tom T.

~ "I was very happy that it was a Nebraska manufacturer, as I know they are the best!" ~Steve C.

~ "I recently worked with a driller that had one of your Internal Pipe Cutters and it worked great for abandoning wells where we are required to cut the well-off 3-4 feet below the ground surface.  I was wondering how I could get one myself?" ~Jim L.

~ "I actually spoke to someone at your office yesterday and purchased a tool from you.  We greatly appreciate the help and just so you know, the lady I spoke to was wonderful to work with." ~ Lenny V.

~ "I must say that your tools works very well." ~ Olivier D.