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What our customers have to say about our Internal Pipe Cutter

~ "The Rosene inside pipe cutter is an awesome tool that exceeded all my expectations. The inside pipe cutter performed flawlessly efficiently as well as expeditiously and safely. It is a well valued tool to my collection!!! I will protect it and keep it clean and in good working order and show it to all the plumbers that would be interested that I meet in Philadelphia. Thank you and Godspeed to Rosene machine Inc." ~Richard

~ "I feel compelled to write and let you know that the IPC-020 and 4-inch adapter we purchased from you works even better than we expected! To date, we have made several 4-inch diameter cuts of both PVC and 316 Stainless Steel well casing resulting in straight and clean professional looking cuts. The tool is solidly built, easy to adjust and maintain, and will surely be of use to us in the future. In addition, your assistance regarding our needs and information on use of the IPC-020 was very helpful." ~Henry B.

~ "I just wanted to let you know that the Pipe Cutter worked perfectly for our application (3" Sch 40 carbon steel pipe) and I appreciate your help in getting it ordered and here.  It truly saved me a lot of rework and time that we didn't have." ~Rob S.

~ "Your service is excellent and thanks for the quick shipping." ~Cory. L

~ "The tool is great and the concept is exactly what I was looking for."

~ "One of our production hands called your cutter a "life-saving son of a b*tch." ~McAlester Army Ammunition Plant

~ "It has taken a lot of abuse but just keeps on cutting."~Tom T.

~ "I was very happy that it was a Nebraska manufacturer, as I know they are the best!" ~Steve C.

~ "I recently worked with a driller that had one of your Internal Pipe Cutters and it worked great for abandoning wells where we are required to cut the well-off 3-4 feet below the ground surface.  I was wondering how I could get one myself?" ~Jim L.

~ "I actually spoke to someone at your office yesterday and purchased a tool from you.  We greatly appreciate the help and just so you know, the lady I spoke to was wonderful to work with." ~ Lenny V.

~ "I must say that your tools works very well." ~ Olivier D.